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e.g. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rovio.angrybirds
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Why make a website for your app?

Bloggers & Journalists

put everything they need to know at one place

Potential Customers

help them understand how your product will impact their lives

Existing Customers

face them and give them a way to talk directly to you

Search Engines

drive more traffic to your app by SEOing your webpage


instantly share mygreapapp.com instead of wondering which App Store URL to share. Makes app easily linkable with other blogs and websites.

Cross sell

customers visiting your page can be shown links to your other apps

Social media following

by putting social media links on the site, you can increase your social media following

Your digital footprint

introduce yourself to the whole world and show your true potential

App Store clutter

app stores are immensely cluttered, your website is a way for you to stand out from the crowd

Why use WebForApp?


all of this at the price of a cup of coffee


our unique data extraction approach is a real time saver

Responsive Layout

visible at every device

Search Engine Optimization

everything required for a powerful SEO

Top Reviews/Ratings

Why not show your potential customers how good your existing customers are feeling?

Google Analytics

Just enter your GA key and you're good to go.

Social media integration

all social media buttons are already present

A range of device

choose from a range of devices to show your screenshots


automatically fetched, of course

How it works?

  1. Enter a URL

    Just copy/paste your app's URL into the input field above and click "Create Website". At the moment, only Google Play Store URLs are supported.

  2. Pick a Theme

    Select from some themes available at the site. Those themes will automatically adopt to color-scheme of your app. Some themes are free, while others are paid. Learn more about pricing plan here.

  3. Modify data

    You don't have to manually fill in everything in Data Editor. Just make sure that content is scraped as it should be and move on to next step.

  4. Preview

    Now you can live preview how your site looks like. Play with it and try it on different devices. At any point, you can go back and change your theme or content.

  5. Publish

    Finally, publish your website to the world. You don't have to worry about hosting, WebForApp takes care of it.

Who is using it?

Take a look at sites generated for couple of our own apps:

  1. Contacts to Excel & Email

    A simple app that lets you backup your contacts. Site generated using Simplicity template.

  2. Anogram

    An anonymous and location-sensitive content-sharing app. Site generated using Simplicity template.

We'd love to showcase websites generated by you here. Just shoot us an email at info@webforapp.com.

What is the pricing model?

The site is FREE to start with. There is no cost for generating your sites with free templates. However, for paid templates, you'll have to purchase license per app. Different paid templates can have different prices.

How can you be contacted?

We can be reached at info@webforapp.com.